Our Treatment

Our Treatment

Patel Dental Care & Implant Center in Ahmedabad offers a host of treatments and cures for a wide range of dental ailments faced by the patients. Few of the dental procedures they offer range from inducing fillings and repairs in the tooth, undertaking root canal surgeries, applying crowns (caps), bridges and implants, teeth whitening as well as extractions (surgical removal) of cavities/milky /disfigured/wisdom teeth. The clinic is also listed under Dentists.

Gum Treatment

Gum treatment helps to treat gum problems caused by the bacteria causing inflammation & bleeding gums which if not treated may result in loosening of teeth and loss of bone.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed to remove the infected tissue from teeth which are badly carious (involving the nerve) or is injured due to trauma and restore it back to function.

Crown & Bridges

Dental crowns & bridges are given to those patients who want to replace their damaged or missing teeth, restoring function, phonetics and esthetics.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth is a third molar which may emerge anytime above 14 years of age, which sometimes remain impacted or may get decayed causing an unbearable pain all over the jaw. Hence, may need extraction/removal.

Smile Makeover

Smile makeover treatment is a procedure performed with the help of one or more dental treatments to enhance the smile, esthetics, and tooth functionality of an individual. Also provide patients with the smile they always wished for and uplift their self esteem.

Braces Treatment

Braces treatment is suggested to correct gummy smile, improper bite, and crooked teeth which might be embarrassing for one to smile socially.


Denture is removable form of teeth replacement for patients who have partial or complete loss of teeth. Dentures restore normal functionality like chewing and speaking

Child Dentistry

We offer preventive dental care services which includes oral screening, dental sealants & topical fluoride to eliminate early age dental problems & recommend appropriate treatment options for children.